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Survey of Abutting Households for Speed Hump Installation


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      Speed Hump is:
    2. A request for installation of a speed hump has been made for your block or segment of your street. Per Village regulations, all abutting households to the proposed speed hump must complete this questionnaire and return it to the Village Manager within one month. It must be signed and completed by no more than one owner or tenant per household and include his or her telephone number, home address, email address and your position regarding the installation.
    3. At least 75 percent of the householders must express support for humps for the application to proceed. An abstention or a refusal to sign the questionnaire is counted as disapproval. If in spite of reasonable efforts, the staff cannot reach owners or tenants, their inaccessibility is counted as disapproval. Please complete the attached and return to the Village office by: __________________________.