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Chevy Chase Village Block Party Application

  1. All Block Parties must conform to the following guidelines:
    • ALL residents in the block(s) must be affirmatively contacted.  When making contact, the organizer shall copy the Village office.
    • At least 60% of the households on the block must sign the petition/hold harmless agreement (below).  ALL petitioners must be at least 18 years of age.
    • A petition/hold harmless agreement must be submitted to the Village office at least seven days prior to the proposed event.
    • Block parties must be limited to four hours.
    • Fire, police, and rescue vehicles must be permitted access at all times during the block party.
    • No residents’ vehicles will be denied access to or from their homes during the hours of the block party.
    • The Village will deliver traffic cones, and caution tape to each end of the block.  Residents in charge of the block party will be responsible for setting up the traffic cones and stringing the caution tape between the cones.   Residents will be responsible for removing the traffic cones and tape at the conclusion of the event.
    • All streets must be reopened before nightfall.
    • Residents will be responsible for collecting and disposing of ALL trash and debris.
    • The block party is subject to the Village’s and the County’s Noise Ordinances.
    • The petitioners agree to by signing the hold harmless agreement.
    • Note:  No closures are permitted on blocks that would cause a traffic flow problem due to the block’s location on a primary Village roadway (examples include Cedar Parkway, Kirkside Drive, first block of West Kirke Street, Oliver Street, others).

    The Village offers a subsidy of up to $250.00 to cover expenses incurred by the party organizer.  The organizer must submit receipts for reimbursement following the party.  Receipts may not include expenses for alcohol.  Applications will be acted upon in the order they are received.  Any applications received after the Village has expended its $3,000 annually budgeted allotment for this program will be referred to the Village Board for consideration and approval.  

    Please contact the Village office ( or (301) 654-7300) for additional information.

  2. Indemnity and Hold Harmless Agreement

    Please print, obtain signatures and then submit with application (either submit electronically below or bring a hard copy to the Village office).

    Indemnity and Hold Harmless Agreement

  3. Printable Application Form

    If preferred, print the Block Party Application form to be completed and remitted to the Village Office by email, mail, or hand-delivery.  

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