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Western Grove Park

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  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Bike Trail
  3. Decorative Water Feature
  4. Human Sundial
  5. Movable Cafe Seating
  6. Natural Playspace
  7. Park Benches
  8. Trails
  9. Water Fountain
  10. Wifi
Created to be a tranquil oasis on the edge of a bustling urban center in our nation’s capital, Western Grove Park was established with preservation in mind. Acquired through the unique Legacy Open Space program that protects undeveloped land, this rare 1.9 acre parcel is focused on the protection and enjoyment of nature: natural landscape, harmonious features, areas for contemplation, and a natural playspace, constructed without metal or plastic, with textures and elements to unlock a child’s imagination.

This park is the first of its kind in Montgomery County, an urban park dedicated to protecting open space and natural landscape - a tranquil oasis for the larger community. Click here to see the updated information of the redevelopment.


Security Cameras to be Installed in Western Grove Park

During its December 11, 2017 regular meeting, the Village Board held a Public Hearing to consider the community’s comments on a proposal from the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) to install four security cameras in Western Grove Park as a part of M-NCPPC officials sought the Village’s position on the installation of four security cameras on existing WiFi-enabled light poles within the park, which is located at the southwest end of the Village. 

Park Police Captain George Coleman attended the hearing and provided background information regarding the security camera program.  Below is detailed information regarding the camera program:

  • The cameras will have a fixed field of view (they are not designed to pan, tilt or zoom).
  • Each camera will be located at a height of approximately eight feet above the ground and will be positioned to avoid capturing the view of any private homes.
  • All four cameras should capture approximately 75%-80% of the park’s grounds, however, this cannot be confirmed until they are installed.
  • The cameras will be connected via Ethernet cables and will capture data in an encrypted format that is further protected behind a firewall.  The recordings will be stored locally and then transferred securely by hardwire during overnight hours to a cloud-based server.
  • Access to recorded footage will be limited to approved public safety personnel in the Park Police Department and the Chevy Chase Village Police Department for legitimate public safety purposes.  Such access will be logged and is subject to auditing.
  • Village dispatchers and police officers will be able to actively monitor the live camera feed on a monitor within the Communications Center at the Village Hall.
  • Footage will be maintained for 90 days and then it will be deleted unless saved for investigative or litigation purposes.
  • The cameras and footage will remain the property and responsibility of M-NCPPC and they will be the sole party responsible for responding to public information requests.

At the conclusion of its hearing, the Village Board voted unanimously to support M-NCPPC’s installation of the four proposed security cameras in Western Grove Park to provide an additional layer of security to users of the park.  The cameras should be installed by the end of January.