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Friday, April 9, 2021

Several Unlocked Cars Entered Overnight April 5-6

Car stolen from Virginia is recovered on Grafton Street

At 1:43 a.m. on Tuesday April 6, Officers Fones and Jenkins were dispatched to the westernmost block of Grafton Street to investigate a suspicious situation.  A resident had called to report that he was awakened by loud banging followed immediately by the sound of a car alarm blaring.  The resident looked out of his bedroom window and saw that his car’s lights were flashing indicating that his car alarm was the one he had heard.

Officer Fones arrived on the scene at 1:45 a.m. and Officer Jenkins arrived moments later. Both officers began to canvass the neighborhood on foot. Village officers eventually discovered that three cars on the block had been entered, but the owners reported that nothing was taken from any of them. During the canvass, Officer Jenkins found a man who appeared to be sleeping in the passenger seat of a car parked in the immediate area. The officers woke the man up and detained him. The officers positively identified the man, and a computer check revealed that he was not wanted by the police and the car that he occupied was not stolen. County officers arrived to assist in the investigation.

Upon questioning, the man denied being involved in any criminal activity, and he said he had been hitchhiking and was picked up by a man who had been driving the car; he claimed that the driver’s identity and whereabouts were unknown to him. Village officers noted that the car did not belong to the man who had been sleeping in it, so they contacted Virginia authorities and requested that they find the car’s owner to determine if it had been stolen.

Virginia authorities were not able to provide further information about the car in a timely manner, and without sufficient evidence to prove the man was responsible for any crime, the officers had no choice but to allow the man to leave. A cab picked the man up and drove him away.

After the officers left the scene, the Fairfax County Police called the Village Communications Center and told our dispatcher that the car was indeed stolen from Fairfax County. The owner of the car reported the car stolen on April 3, but Fairfax County had somehow failed to enter the car into the national criminal justice database. Fairfax County Police apologized and provided our officers with the car owner’s information. Village officers contacted the owner of the car and returned the car to him.

 With the identity of the suspect supplied by our officers, Montgomery County and Fairfax County investigators will be following up to place appropriate charges