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Friday, June 3, 2022

TREND: Daytime Thefts from Autos on the East Side of the Village
Worker vehicles targeted; residents asked to warn their contractors

The Village Police Department has identified a pattern of daytime thefts from work vehicles on the east side of the Village, which began on May 2.   Although it is uncertain if the four thefts have been committed by the same persons, the incidents share strong similarities.  Each of the four incidents occurred on east side streets, at similar times, targeted similar vehicles, and the thieves stole similar items.

The four events are as follows:

  1. May 2 between 10am-noon: Credit cards were stolen from an unlocked work truck in the 6200 block of Western Avenue. No eyewitnesses.
  2. May 16 between 10am-noon: A wallet containing credit cards was taken from an unlocked work truck in the unit block of E. Irving Street. No eyewitnesses.
  3. May 18 between 8am-3pm: A window of a car belonging to a domestic worker was smashed and a woman’s backpack—which was visible on the back seat—was stolen in the unit block of E. Lenox Street. No eyewitnesses.
  4. June 1 at 11am:   Credit cards and cash were stolen from an unlocked work truck in the 100 block of Primrose Street.  Good information from an eyewitness.

 An eyewitness to the June 1 event provided a solid description of a suspect and vehicle involved in the crime: 

The thief is described as a Black male, 6’2” tall, medium build, goatee, wearing a red and white baseball cap and a grey T-shirt.  

Suspect vehicle: 
The car is described as a dark blue Mercedes GL450 SUV with darkly tinted windows.  The thief described above was a front passenger in the SUV.   The darkly-tinted windows on the car prevented the eyewitness from seeing the driver.   

Village officers are focusing their patrols on this problem.  Residents can help by notifying their contractors and domestic workers to remove all valuables from sight and to lock their vehicles AT ALL TIMES, and by calling the Village Police immediately at 301-654-7300 if they see any suspicious person or activity in their neighborhood.  If you can get a license plate number and take a photo, that would be a huge help for the police!