Tree Ordinance Board

Applicable Tree Ordinance Board Guidelines

(Excerpted from Section 17-4 of the Village "Urban Forest Code" (PDF))
  1. Appeal procedures.
    1. Upon the filing of an appeal, the Village Manager shall forthwith transmit the record pertaining to the appeal to the Tree Ordinance Board.
    2. The Tree Ordinance Board shall determine if the tree(s) has such outstanding qualities that it should not be removed. If the Tree Ordinance Board finds that the tree is a candidate for removal, the Tree Ordinance Board shall meet with the applicant and/or the applicant's representative as soon as practicable but no later than ten (10) days after an appeal is filed. The Tree Ordinance Board shall work with the applicant to develop a reforestation plan which, taking into consideration the factors in Section 17-6, the Tree Ordinance Board finds would not adversely affect the public health, safety or welfare, nor the reasonable use of adjoining properties and would not substantially impair the purpose and intent of this Chapter. In developing the reforestation plan, the Tree Ordinance Board will affirmatively solicit input from residents of adjoining and confronting properties and from the Village Arborist.
    3. If the applicant agrees to a reforestation plan that the Tree Ordinance Board finds meets the standards in sub-section (1) above, the Tree Ordinance Board shall prepare a report to the Board of Managers and the matter will be placed on the consent agenda for approval at the next Board of Managers meeting that is at least ten (10) days after the issuance of the Tree Ordinance Board's report. The matter may be removed from the consent agenda only at the request of two (2) or more members of the Board of Managers.
    4. If the applicant and Tree Ordinance Board do not reach agreement on removal and a reforestation plan within 30 days after filing of the appeal, or such longer period to which the applicant and Tree Ordinance Board agree, the applicant shall either withdraw the application or request that the matter be heard by the Board of Managers in accordance with sub-sections (d) through (h) of this Section 17-4.


  • Laura Billings, Chair
    Term expires: April 2020
  • Elizabeth Tyndall
    Term expires: April 2022
  • Susan Kirby
    Term expires: April 2021
  • Aaron Kramer, Alternate member
    Term expires: April 2020

Joining the Board

You may apply (PDF) if you are interested in joining the Tree Ordinance Board. Please Note: Appointments to Tree Ordinance Board occur when current members' terms expire, or upon a member's resignation.