Tree Ordinance Board

Applicable Tree Ordinance Board Guidelines

(Excerpted from Section 17-5 of the Village "Urban Forest Code" (PDF))

The provisions of Section 17-4(c) shall be administered by a Tree Ordinance Board.  The Tree Ordinance Board shall consist of three (3) members who shall be appointed for three-year staggered terms and two (2) alternate members who shall be appointed for two-year staggered terms.  Appointments shall be made by the Board of Managers.  The Board of Managers shall designate the Chair of the Tree Ordinance Board.  An alternate member may participate in Tree Ordinance Board meetings, but may vote only as a substitute for a Tree Ordinance Board member who is absent.  The Chair of the Tree Ordinance Board shall designate which of the alternate members may vote as a substitute for an absent Tree Ordinance Board Member.



  • Aaron Kramer, Chair
    Term expires: April 2026
  • Susan Kirby
    Term expires: April 2024
  • Elizabeth Tyndall
    Term expires: April 2025
  • Gail Ifshin, Alternate Member
    Term expires: April 2025
  • Kate O'Scannlain-Johnson, Alternate Member
    Term Expires: April 2024

Joining the Board

You may apply (PDF) if you are interested in joining the Tree Ordinance Board. Please Note: Appointments to Tree Ordinance Board occur when current members' terms expire, or upon a member's resignation.