Building Permits/ROW Licenses; Admin. Variances/Sp. Permits

Building Officer

The Chevy Chase Village Building Officer is Gary Crockett.

Position Definition

Excerpt from Building Code Section 8-1, Definitions:
Building Officer: One member of the Board of Managers, appointed annually or at such other times as the Board of Managers may determine is in the public interest, to act as the designee of the Board of Managers to perform the functions of the Building Officer as described in this Chapter.

Position Responsibilities

Functions of the Building Officer prescribed within the Building Code (Chapter 8) and the Public Rights-of-Way Ordinance (Chapter 25), performed in conjunction with the Village Manager:
  • Administrative Special Permits
  • Administrative Variances
  • Building Permits and Licenses to install private improvements in the directly abutting public right-of-way devoted to private use

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User's Guide to our Municipal Permitting Process